Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a custom made freeware tool for viewing text files, specifically log files. The text viewing portion of the GUI is custom made for improved memory usage and file navigating performance on very large files.

The tool provides built-in grep (show and hide filtering on a line per line basis), color highlighting, multiple search strings, file tailing, and viewing multiple files as if they were one file.

Other features include:

  • Column selecting, which is very useful when selecting lines of text from a log file (i.e. it allows you to ignore the header portion of a set of log entries when selecting lines for copying or saving).
  • Saving and Loading of Grep, Highlighting and Search settings.
  • Modifying the default Grep, Highlighting and Search settings.
  • Split window viewing. During the tailing mode, one view can scroll lock to the tail while the other view is unlocked for file viewing.
  • Drag-and-drop file loading.
  • Viewing multiple files as if they were one continuous file. This is handy for reviewing multiple logs from the same system.
  • Automatic highlighting of all text that matches the selected text.
  • Goto a specific line in the file.
  • Save selected text to a new file.
  • Save greped lines to a new file.
  • Tailing a file if the file is growing (includes a scroll lock mode [start with CTL-END] to maintain the view on the new lines).
  • Recently opened files shortcut.
  • Separate threads for file viewing, reading, greping and searching to provide immediate text viewing when loading or searching large files.
  • Allow the use of Java Regular Expressions for grep, highlight, and search text patterns.
  • Display time string patterns in relative time rather than absolute time. The interface allows one to specify the time string format and the base time from which all other time strings found in the file will be displayed relative.

Download and Installation